Unit Dose Packaging

Do you or a loved one have a hard time remembering to take your medications? Have you ever wondered if you took your medication or counted the pills to make sure you still have the right number left? We can help!! Let us package your medications in a unit dose package to assist you with your medication needs. The packages make it easy to quickly identify if you or your loved one has taken their medications; each package is labeled by numbers that correspond with the day of the month.

The Benefits of Blister Packages

The benefits of blister packages for the patient and/or caregiver are many and include:

  • SAFETY: The patient gets the correct medication at the proper times. No double dosing or missed doses. Blister packaging saves lives.
  • PROFESSIONAL MONITORING: The pharmacy staff will fill your prescriptions for you and call you if you forget to pick up your medication. Delivery of prescriptions is available as well.
  • CONVENIENCE: No more fussing or organizing your medications on your own. No more guessing when to take your medications.

If you think unit dose packaging is right for you, call us today to get your next refill packaged in this unique format.